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Founded in 2002 and practicing an out-of-the-box, disruptive thinking we help you see behind the horizon.

We're Professional

Having performed succesfully in various fields, geographies and cultures we are positioned to overcome your challenges.

We're Genius

Not really, but we are fully committed to our customers.

Cost Effective Business Consulting.

Focused on your objectives

Sharp and effective

Committed to your success


When on-site business leadership is temporary needed, we can move in quickly to fill up this gap.

Remote Services

We are qualified to fill-in many remote positions giving your customers, partners and employees the level of support they deserve.

Turn Our Experience Into Your Advantage

We have done it.

We have been there.

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Our Services

Management Pro

There are may cases were you seek a temporary manager to step in and carry the load until a permanent one is recruited. We are experts in getting up to speed at record times. If needed, this service can be offered from remote.

Sales, Marketing & Business Development

When you have a task that does not justify a full time position, when you need to act fast in order not to loose an opportunity, we can arrange for a professional team to stop this gap.

Project & Account Management

Not every project or account lasts for ever. Sometimes you would need a team that can hanldle a special situation, stepping in, getting the job done and stepping out. This is exactly what we do best.

Business Coaching

Provided remotely or on-site, this coaching and mentoring track is intended mainly for sales representatives. Review and improve sales proposals while improving fulfillment rate.

Sharpen Product Demos

Having a great product is a must have and demonstrations are crucial steps in your sales cycle. By sharpening your "How to Demo" you make sure non of your key selling points are overlooked.

OEM Sales Strategy

Leveraging your sales through an OEM partner is a powerfull tool. However, this business practice requries great attention in order to maximize success while avoiding many drawbacks.

Our Customers & Partners


DigiDrawer keeps your drawers empty and your data organized


Micasabook unifies digital information of all major family life aspects

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4, your tiny, dual-display, desktop computer


Cellular backhaul traffic aggregation and optimization solutions for mobile operators


Israel’s Emblaze introduced the world’s first customized multimedia handset

Septier Communication

Gain the network advantage

Tiersep Cyprus

Highly accurate positioning of cellular emergency calls

Diet Pi

Lightweight justice for your single-board computer!


The number one HTTP server on the Internet


Advanced interaction controls to HTML tables


PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world


Information & Communication Technology, Science & Innovation


Advanced cyber solutions


Ongoing risk mitigation for websites


Tailor-made active cyber intelligence solutions


MySQL is the world's most popular open source database


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Our Founder

Elan Sharon

Elan Sharon

Founder & CEO

Elan Sharon has held varied positions within several high technology companies in Israel and in Europe over the last 25 years. Elan brings leadership and experience in high management levels, multidisciplinary in both, skills, education and international business experience. Professional highlights include the following: CEO at Celtro Communication, a technology company developing software compression, optimization and cyber security of cellular and IP traffic backhauling. Prior to that, he served for more than 10 years as Chief of Sales, Marketing & Operations Officer at Septier Communication – a high tech startup in the fields of cellular positioning, communication interception and cyber information systems for intelligence organizations. In 2002, as an entrepreneur Elan founded Gluon Video and AVcodes Consulting firms together with Dr. Michael Marcu. Working in Scitex Corporation, and while based in Paris in 1996, Elan founded the ‘Print-on-Demand’ division of Scitex Europe. Acting as General Manager, he led the new division to record sales of more than 30M$ and accelerated growth. As part of the Academic Reserve program of the Israeli Air Force, Elan served as an engineer and took part in major aircraft engineering changes, and air-to-ground guided missile projects. Elan holds a BSc degree in Aeronautical & Space engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa, an MBA from the Tel Aviv University and he is a graduate of the Merage Institute HLS & Cyber Security program. Elan plays the piano and enjoys snow skiing and tennis.

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